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Biologica creates certified, natural formulas, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, with effective impact and visible results.


Production is customized and streamlined for limited, certified series based on the real and immediate needs of the skin. It’s a real challenge to find the balance between product texture, time of day, expected end results. We use bio-certified, sustainable, natural ingredients that bring real benefit. The Biologica Laboratory attaches great importance to the cosmetic formula in order to obtain a fast, visible, effective long-term effect.

Against ageing

One of the ingredients that is the subject of Biologica’s laboratory research is Niacinamide, known as a vitamin from the B vitamin group, a water-soluble vitamin that works with substances naturally present in the skin structure, having a visible effect in minimizing pores, improving overall skin tone, smoothing fine lines and expression wrinkles with a firm finish. Our formula based on the presence of this ingredient is a barrier against skin damage caused by pollution, ultraviolet radiation, wind, dust, temperature variations. In this way, our products fight against premature ageing and the preservation of normal skin coefficients.


We believe in natural beauty from the inside out.

Products that come into direct contact with the skin have a determining impact on the well-being of our skin and body.


Cream formulas that are natural, safe and highly effective.

When it comes to daily nutrient intake, skin always needs extra care and nourishment.


Biologica Pharmacists develop natural formulas for daily use that are complex, non- invasive and powerful when it comes to efficacy. We work to create products that contain the most suitable ingredients that nature has to offer. We start by identifying the problems the skin is facing, find the most suitable and effective remedies, test, creating complexes that repair, moisturize and provide the comfort of effective function.